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Manufacturing and supplies of industrial sealing, industrial sealing of the brand POWERline, industrial gaskets, packing cords, packing for pumps, rubber O-rings, rubber oil seals, rubber sleeves, supplies of rotational bushings and fitting drives - POWERgraf – packing boards of expanded graphite UCAR GRAFOIL - POWERgasket – asbestos-free fiber-and-rubber gaskets - POWERgasket – spiral wound, chaser, and other metallic sealing - POWERflon – boards of filled structured PTFE - POWERflon – flange sealing tapes and boards of expanded PTFE - POWERpack – packing cords for fittings and pumps - POWERpack – injection packing materials for pumps and mixers - POWERseal – oil seals, O-rings, sleeves, shaft sealing - POWERseal – sealing of threading, PTFE tapes and dispersions, graphite paste, antisieze - POWERtherm – thermally insulating fabrics, cords, hose girdles - mechanical sealing of DEPAD pumps + pumps - carbon sealing rings for pumps - ROTORK fitting drives, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, gearboxes + fittings - rotational bushings, bushings for machining, textile, paper mill, rubber-processing and printing machines - rotational bushings for metallurgical industry - rotational bushings for engineering - all types of flange sealing - high-pressure oil seals - rubber-coated packing of lids, covers, and manholes - spiral wound sealing - metallic packing for heat exchangers - rubber-and-metal packing for plastic and glass flanges - hygienic packing for food industry - packing for fittings in food industry, application in dairies, breweries, distilleries, in pharmaceutical industry - graphite packing, graphite packing elements, rings pressed of graphite - sealing materials, cements and adhesives, chemicals for maintenance works - rubbers and elastomers – boards, sections - semi-finished products of plastic materials and custom-made components - technical plastics, plastic bars and boards - compensators, bellows - process hoses and their accessories - elastic couplings - V-belts and toothed belts

informations générales

Année de création : 1992

www : http://www.tesneni.cz

Identification Number/IC : C 8469

Nature de l'établissement : Siège


Type :ISO 9001: 2008

Numéro :Audit ČEZu dle požadavků Vyhl. 309/2005Sb a Vyhl. 132/2008Sb.


  • POWERflon
  • POWERgasket
  • POWERgraf
  • POWERline
  • POWERpack
  • POWERseal
  • POWERtherm




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2012 : 233 000 000 CZK


P = Producteur , D = Distributeur , S = Service


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Zdeněk Pokorný

Directeur Général

K. P.

Directeur Général

M. O.

Directeur commercial

L. M.

Directeur Technique

O. H.

Responsable Commercial


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