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Nature Siège
Année de création 2008
Activités (NAF08) Traitement et revêtement des métaux (2561Z)
Capital 150 000 EUR
Effectifs à l’adresse Non renseigné 
Effectifs de l’entreprise 1 employés
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PTE PRODEL | assembly Systems automatisésMAGNETIC MOTION SYSTEM : THE CONVEYOR OF the NEW GENERATION !Since 1958, the company PRODEL is a pioneer in the field of automated assembly. In 1981 it introduced on the market the concept of AFP (Flexible Workshop Prodel), a conveying system efficient and reliable based on pallets, workpiece carriers that transport products from station to station on the assembly lines. Modular, the AFP would incorporate new stations in function of the evolution of the manufacturing process. It has been adopted by the biggest names in the industry of equipment goods or consumption.”We have been regularly evolving the concept. In 2003, we launched the system scanned assembly A3D, which offered a broader range of formats of pallets, with loads onboard the most important and speed of the conveyor above, to reduce the time for exchange of pallet-to-pallet”, explains Patrice Caudron, commercial director. This same year 2003, PRODEL, incorporating the international group IPTE, which today counts more than 800 employees at 12 sites in the world. This international presence allows it to support its clients in their global development.ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS KEY MAINSPRODEL has launched in recent months a brand new concept, the MMS (Magnetic Motion System). ”Like our other solutions, MMS is offered turnkey by our engineering teams, that is to say, by incorporating, in addition to the conveying all the process of pick

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Adresse de visite 9 rue des Tuilliers 69003 LYON 03 France
Adresse postale 12345 69003 LYON 03 France

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M. Georges Lenôtre

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Hanane Azarine

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Mme Hanane Gara

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NAF Rev.2 (FR 2008) : Traitement et revêtement des métaux (2561Z)

NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) : Traitement et revêtement des métaux (2561)

ISIC 4 (WORLD) : Traitement et revêtement des métaux; façonnage (2592)