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20-1, Hwaseong-ro, Hoengseong-eup, Hoengseong-gun
Gangwon-do 25225

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Année de création 2005
Co.Registration No 224-81-35176
Effectifs à l’adresse 4 employés
Effectifs de l’entreprise 4 employés
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#Keyword Deodeok, Hoengseong Deodeok, Natural Products, health food, healthy juice

#Company Introduction  
 Ha Shim-jeong, a company of the Hoengseong Insam Farm Corporation, is directly cultivated and harvested in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do.
As a 6th industry certification company, I am focusing on Deodok and Balloon flower products through research on Deodok
It is making various health foods and beverages through fermented pile made by ferment
As a farmer, I grow healthy agricultural products.
Build products honestly, trust products, trust products, buyable products.
I am Ha Shim Jung, a Hoengseong Insam-Young Agricultural Cooperative Federation.I am Ha Shim Jung, a Hoengseong Insam Farm Corporation.
1_Hasimjung Raw Hoengseong Deodok Extract | Deodeok
2_hasimjung Deodok Extract | health food
3_Hasimjung Fermented Black Deodok Extract | Natural Products
4_Hasimjung Sungjaemo Brown Rice Cordyceps Militaris Extract | natural foods
5_Hasimjung Red balloom Flower Extract | healthy juice

# Video URL   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChmuDQqfFXlK4QQ9IqM3Frw 

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  • HASIMJUNG- A mind of Lowering Myself and Respecting the other  (Producteur)

    Deodeok, Hoengseong Deodeok, Natural Products, health food, healthy juice

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