IDM Corp.

Cleaner and breezier air inside the car

203-1, Home Robot Center, Gwangju Techno Park, 333, Cheomdangwagi-ro, Buk-Gu
Gwangju 61008
Corée du Sud

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#BARAMI-5 #Vehicle Air Cleaner for car #Photocatalytic+ Hephafilter

#Company Introduction
IDM Corp.,a design speciality company certificated by KIDP is a company that has researched and developed its products 
steadily,based on the know-how it had accumlated over the years through the various R&D aid(support) projects 
(Business) since 2013 IDM Corp.,had developed a hand washing machine with an air purication system and a mood lamp 
with an air purication system used by wood, the beginning of an air purifier for children And it has been developing BARAMI5, 
car air purifier. Now IDM Corp.has manifactured production facilities qnd equipment in GWANGJU TECHNO PARK Home Robot 
Center, and has developed BARAMI5 through the advice by the relavant authorities and steady research and development 
and now has been producing and selling it. 

# Strength 
20 years of know-how, steady research and challenge spirit and diligence


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Année de création 2005
Co.Registration No 408-81-65190
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Zone : Asie-Pacifique, Asie-Pacifique
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