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Rogoznitskiy Starch Plant JSC

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Informations entreprise  Rogoznitskiy Starch Plant JSC


JSC ROGOZNITSKIY STARCH FACTORY is one of the leading domestic producers of potato starch in Belarus. Rogoznitskiy Starch Plant JSC offers only high-quality products - starch of potato of high and extra varieties. Currently, is going a production mastering of physically modified extrusion starches, intended for sale and use in the oil industry to stabilize drilling fluids as a drilling reagent for the construction of wells, cardboard and paper and other industries for technical purposes, as well as for use in the food industry. The enterprise participates in the import substitution program and is interested in organizing the production of extruded modified starches, the most popular on the market.

Informations générales

Année de création 1912
Nature de l'établissement Siège
Fax +375 1515 46052
Site web http://rkz-krahmal.by

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  • Belagroprombank JSC


Zone : Europe Centrale / Europe de l'Est, Asie-Pacifique, Asie Centrale
Pays : Russie, Chine, Kazakhstan

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    88 Employés

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    88 Employés

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Informations dirigeants

Vyacheslav Rishardovich Baranskiy


Lutsiya Stanislavovna Zdanovich

(chief accountant)

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