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Weltem Co., Ltd.

Portable Air Conditioner / Spot Cooler

154, Jayumuyeok 3-gil, Masanhoewon-gu, Changwon-si
Gyeongsangnam-do 51340
Corée du Sud

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Informations entreprise  Weltem Co., Ltd.


Portable Air Conditioner, Spot Cooler, Emergency Cooling, Heat Pump, High Capacity Air Conditioner Point Cooler,Oil Cooler, Panel Air Conditioner, Super Hama, Drain Evaporatior, Super Cooler

# Company Introduction 
Since founded in 1989, WELTEM conducts the enhancement of competitiveness with 29 years of the know-how and the technology accumulated in the field of an air conditioner freeze and secures the world competitiveness with our continuingly advanced technology With our years of experience and our best technologies, we have obtained technology-certifications from lots of institutions such as the Patent Office, Korea Industrial Technology Association, Ministry of Commerce. We also fulfill the continuous management for our customers and invest in the continuous study, the quality-improvement and the new technology development for the best products and services, and make social contributions. WELTEM thinks more in the side of customers and promises to be a trusted partner by guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Thank you. 

# Strength  
The movable unit can provide concentrate cooling in the small area where the whole cooling is not available. The high capacity units can provide powerful cooling to a large area in which residential units cannot cover. 

# Catalog: http://kompass.kr/img/catalogue/20181024035332_1.pdf

Informations générales

Année de création 1989
Co.Registration No 608-81-22961
Capital 317 531 USD
Nature de l'établissement Siège
Fax +82 55 294 9220
Site web http://www.weltem.com/k-weltem/newenglish/Emain.htm


  • Kyeongnam Bank


Zone : Europe Centrale / Europe de l'Est, Asie-Pacifique, Europe Occidentale, Amérique du Nord, Asie Centrale, Moyen Orient
Pays : Russie, Australie, Royaume-Uni, Canada, Etats-Unis, France, Finlande, Espagne, Estonie, Arabie Saoudite, Liban, Iraq, Malaisie, Singapour


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    CE / ETL

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    65 Employés

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    65 Employés

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  • 2018

    12 877 134 USD

  • 2017

    9 275 304 USD

  • 2016

    7 322 797 USD

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Jung Woo Park

Attaché de Direction


Dir/Resp International

Cheolhwan Yun